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Dear Mr. WebMaster,

If at all possible, and within the constraints of the current version of WebBoard, I would like to request that any messages posted to this site have some sort of visible "audit trail" back to the originator. In other words, eliminate all traces of Anonymous posts.

Currently there is, to be quite frank, too much BS being bantered about under the guise of anonymity. If this situation is allowed to continue, I'm fearful of the possibility that serious repercussions may be forthcoming.

I'm confident that most of the regulars on this board will support this request. Additionally, I would also request that you poll the "community" to get valid feedback regarding this matter. However, I'm certain you have the final say and would make a fair judgement that protects and satisfies everyone's interest.

Moreover, if there are those that will not be able to accept this request and possibility of changes to the manner in which this forum is administered, I'm sure there are other sites within the vast confines of the World Wide Web where they could be accommodated.

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