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The above post (done at 9:13 pm on June 6) was not done by me (the writer who became upset by the mis-spelling of the word "sought," and the one who suggested that you seek legal advise in remedying what was perceived to be a matter where an action for breach of contract should be considered).

While totally uninvited by me, it looks like a "sideman" has shown up!

I am going to check with the webmaster to see if I can be given the screen name "Anonymous1." (Then, all of the newcomers can be assigned a new number as they sign on).

While you may not always agree with what I say (as I don't agree with a lot of what has been sent my way) you can be sure that I will not get into such areas as "sugar-daddies."

Please accept my apologies for any bad feelings caused by my somewhat overzealous supporter. (I suspect that this individual and Mr. "P" are old classmates).

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