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As the Mick staggered on to the #103 bus, he was observed by two persons who were hiding behind the Miniature Golf Course fence at the corner of Hylan Blvd. and New Dorp Lane. These two annoyms had escaped from Hoffmann Island by hanging on the back of Charlton Hairsuit's catamaran during his ill-fated invasion of SI.

These two creatures each carried a heavy book. The one had a copy of Roget's Thesaurus and the other the 7lb. version of Webster's New Collegiate dictionary. They had originally been deported from SI during Siimpleton uprisings and the rest of the residents at the Hoffmann Island penal colony were glad to be rid of them. They lurked about any public meeting and yelled insults and made noises but always managed to scurry away from the spot where they initiated their noise before they could be detected.

The two annoyms knew that the Mick was on an important mission. Even in his hung-over condition he knew he had to get back to St. Columba Hall and recover the ring of CoNaCl. With that he would be able to tell Queen Regina where to look for the buried treasure at Horrmann's castle. The annoyms hoped to shadow the Mick and obtain the ring for themselves.

The annoyms had serious need of some additional funds: both of the books that they carried hanging around their necks with straps were hopelessly out of date. With the evolution of the SI dialect mixed with the Mick's knowledge of Gaelic, they could no longer throw harpoons at the correspondence posted on the Queen's bulletin board.

With the sixth sense that only a sixth son of a sixth son had, the Mick knew that someone was stalking him. Looking out the window, he saw a structure across Hylan Blvd. that resembled an ocean liner, but was made of wood. He quickly pulled stop signal cord and jumped out of the back door of the bus and ran across Hylan Blvd. and into the F_______p.

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