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We're all in favor of common-sense, that's why it makes no sense, because it doesn't help you decide what to do.

Favoring common-sense is like saying you favor the right thing. We all do. But there's lots of different ideas of what's right. What's right often depends on how much, or deeply, one thinks about something, and sometimes in the heat of the action, or the debate, it doesn't look like too much thinking was going on.

Usually, by common-sense, we mean someone who's actions we like, even tho' not a lot of time was available for deliberating and weighing the pros and cons. If I tell you to use common-sense, what do you do next? If I like what you did, I say you used it, or did right, or have your head screwed on straight, or have "street-smarts." But how have I helped you decide what to do?

Have you ever seen a book listing the common-sense way of viewing, or doing things? We'll skip Tom Paine's political tract here, mainly because I haven't read it. Anybody can entitle their tract "common-sense," including Karl Marx. Some people think he made a lot of sense, in light of the horrors of the industrial revolution.

As far as the name calling, I'm guilty of it myself from time to time. I make an exception for people who call themselves "Anonymous" when criticizing others. I kinda think they give up their right to expect to be treated civilly when they refuse to give their names. They act like *ssholes, I call 'em *ssholes. Fair's fair.

As for spelling and grammar mistakes, referring to another post on a related site, I long ago gave up trying to make my postings look like the New Yorker. For one thing, I can't write that well, and for another, I don't have a fleet of editors cleaning up my offerings. So I decided to write like I tawk, the way I loined on StatNisland, before I got eddicated. This way I don't sweat the small stuff and I get the postings out today, not next week when we've all gone on to the next calamity, like kids smoking Mj after school. Before that it was beer. After Mj came in, the cops used to think the beer drinking kids were AOK.

What ever happened to sex after school, or did they outlaw that too?

-rs :)

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