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There is more to it than that seems like there r 2
anonymouses. One knows Gina and one seems to know me. Evidently this is more than hurt feelings about a post

Sometimes when the blue bird of paradise flies over and
dumps on my head I want to look up and say God why me.
I always stop myself because I don't want to jog his memory

In this case I don't want to know either. As far as I know
I never left a girlfriend in si that either didn't care that I left or was glad I did. If this person has a problem with
my sister then it is probably because she is successful. God bless her she deserves it.

As far as the bimbo that is harassing Gina it's obvious that
she is jealous. Both these people know 2 much about us that we have must know them or have known them at one time

2 both of u GET A LIFE


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