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Dear Anonymous,

For my own reasons,I posted anonymously for a long time (even though I would always sign my name at the end of my post), so I normally don't take exception to anonymous posters. However, when someone uses anonymous as a cover to insult and belittle others, I have to respond.

Those of us who don't live on the Island anymore just moved on with our lives. Many left to attend school, join the military, or for new career opportunities. Our parents left because they wanted to retire somewhere that was safe and restful. It's part of the cycle of life. People move on and others take their place. My family first came to the Island in the 1840's. For generations we were all very happy there. But, as the Island got crowded and yes, Brooklynized, everything changed. It's not the same Island where I grew up in the 60's and early 70's (on the northshore, the southshore is a different story). So, no, I don't want to live there anymore. But, I do want to remember the Island of my childhood, it was a wonderful place to grow-up. Unfortunately, it's not there anymore.

So anonymous, I think it depends on your experiences. If you never knew an non-Brooklynized Island, then you'll never understand what everyone is talking about.


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