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On 6/6/99 7:20:18 PM, Ace328bc wrote:
>What is with this mess? All
>this over a verbal or
>grammatical slippage? May God
>forgive me if I don't spell or
>speak correctly at all times!
>I am not a college graduate
>but I can tell you I would
>rather be with people who have
>the same flaws as I (or me)
>(whatever) than be with
>somebody whose sole ambition
>is to act superior by pointing
>at the errors of those that
>have better ideas. If this
>post is not grammatically
>correct or spelled right,
>then, in the immortal words of
>the professional wrestler
>Mankind, "HAVE A NICE
Weigh too go Ace, you really said that good and youse even used some big words. But I don't think no wrestler ever said immortal words. Only Yogi Berra did that.

But you did good anyhow!

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