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On 6/6/99 4:21:10 PM, Anonymous wrote:
>Fortunately Gina's parents
>didn't waste any money on
>college. If I remember
>correctly Gina barely got
>through High School. Didn't
>she have to repeat her senior

YEP! I've never regretted a moment of staying the extra year either. When my guidance counselor informed me in April of 1966 that I was short 1 1/2 credits due to class programming error it was uPsetting. I had fantastic supportive Parents and the good self values to stay and graduate high school in 67 to obtain my "self earned" REAL NDHS diploma...not by sending a sibling to night school pretending to be me at the "bribe reward" of new tires.

AHHHHHHHHH DID that SHOCK "U" Anonymous #2 on this tread?

Anon What is it they say? Birds of a careful who you're flocking with, it's sure to bite U in your unethical plume one day.

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