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Mr. "P:"

You didn't get my goat. But I will make the assump-tion (given your previous outburst) that I was able to get yours!

Should word of your "left-handed compliment" ever reach the Alumni Association of Tottenville High School (or its facility) they will, most certainly, be overjoyed.

While I am not a graduate of that school, I am certain that anyone who is will look at what each of us wrote here and then draw their own conclusion.

I would suspect that not too many of the students and staff at your old school, however, will look upon your comments today with great pride and ad-miration.

You certainly could have done better.

The folks at your old school, additionally, are most certainly entitled to have someone more qualified than you serve as a spokesperson on the matter of whether the quality of an education provided by Tottenville High School is any better or worse than that provided by your school.

If what you displayed today is any example of the sort of person your old school turns out, I think you know how I will vote!

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