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Geeeee is this what my Psychology & Sociology Instructors/Professors used to refer to a "pompAssisim" when we were in open discussion about the world and how every human being makes a valid contribution to humanity by seeing the world from different angles by having a variety of educational & life experiences. One stated that the "pompAsser" is most times so busy keeping their "pompAssy attitude" in tact that they tend to miss most of the splendor of the "real world" by virtue their own pomposity interpretations and self conclusions about how everything is "supposed" to be. They leave no room for the "claim to error" which often times has lead to discovering the great, greater & greatest in and around the world.

Personally I would enjoy having the honor of hangin out with the Columbus, Speilberg or is that Speilburg("U" know Stephen or is it Steven) wrong turn error & bad spellers of the world. Another group I'm especially fond of is the Freudians who couldn't remember it all till some nerdy simpleton named Sigmund suggested a better way was to remember the book and the importance of how to use the index, especially when it came to something like addresses & phone numbers...why memorize all when "U" can l^oo^k uP as needed.

OH! and yes then there's that little "oops" guy who couldn't spell and failed "Post-it" chem lab. Another "dumb not-so-purrrfecttt error" found on almost every desk in the world today...A "STICK TACKY GREAT" ERROR FOR SURE :)

HAVE A GREAT INTERNET DAY! I'm off to find my some files that got corrupted named spell & grammar checker...puter techie told me they're on this damned puter somewhere.

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