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Dear "Bopsie" and "ditto:" (Oops, Freudian slip -- I meant to type: "bobC" and "patos:"

The individual response that each of you made speaks, both literally and figuratively, volumes about the nature of your character (if not your intellect).

While I recall being present quite a number of times when Mr. "patos'" uncle celebrated Mass, I don't believe that the "Latin-ized" phrase used here by his dear nephew was ever employed by the good priest.

I am certain that the good father would be exceedingly proud of the temperament and fine christian qualities being displayed here by his kinsman! ("Rolling over in his grave" is the term that seems to come to mind).

Mr. "patos" seems to have a problem with the name I choose to utilize. That, also, is just too bad.

I won't permit myself to respond in the same stupid, uncouth manner that he did, however.

While I am well able to utilize the "gutter language" that he choose to display here, to do so would be pointless. (Merely because God placed pigs upon his good green earth doesn't necessarily mean that we have to grovel in the garbage with them! You understand that, don't you Mr. "patos?).

I would like to suggest, however, that in the future, he "pathetic" as his screen name.

This not only has the same "near-Greek" sound as "patos," but it suits him to a "T!"

You, ahem, gentlemen will excuse me for now, will you not?

I have to go look for an old mimeograph machine and a guy who used to play the role of "sideman" at the old minstrel shows. I will, most obviously, need both if I am to more efficiently counter the onslaughts being rained down upon me here!

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