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Mr. bobC:

What are you, an echo or something?

I know what I wrote -- it's right there for you, me,(or anyone else) to look at, if need be). Why on earth you seem to feel that it is necessary to provide a verbatim account of every post you respond to is beyond me (and probably a good subject for further analysis).

Both the style and the content of your remarks clearly demonstrate that the rather amusing term you deigned to use(how cute of you!)to describe my original ob-servation much more appropriately suits the tenor of your commentary than it does mine.

I am pleased (if not, indeed, honored) to see that you seem to not only have a passing knowledge of what a "participle" is, but took both the time and effort to ensure that your note was free of spelling errors (especially those as egregious as "saught").

However, should you not have placed the word "had" after the word "he" (and before the word "left")?

Additionally, wouldn't one ordinarily expect to see a "," after the word "dangling" (and before the word "in-stead")?

And, finally, isn't the word "misspelled" (instead of "misspelling") more appropriate to the construction utilized?

Take thy "pomposity" and get thee behind me, Satan!

And as for "Patos?" I am certain that his reverend uncle would do a "double-take" on his response, as well! Aren't we missing just a few of the rudiments of the English language here?

Give me a break, folks, killing the messenger went out of style eons ago!

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