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"Since the 1960s, we women have been harangued by the liberal feminists that we would not be 'complete' without a high-powered job to go along with are families. We were assured that day care centers were just as good as Moms at raising our kids and we were ashamed to admit that we were 'just' housewives.

Our first lady has led the crusade. In 1992, Hillary Clinton scornfully announced that she didn't just stay home to bake cookies and that it takes a village to raise our kids. She and her feminist friends have insisted that children have 'rights' including abortion without parental consent.

Then came the shooting at Columbine High School.

Now they tell us we are not paying enough attention to our children - that we are negligent if we are not home when they arrive home from school. We are supposed to be 'tuned in' to all our children's activities.

At a commencement recently, Bill Clinton announced that parents are spending 22 fewer hours a week with their kids than 30 years ago. He said we have to get back to spending meaningful time with our families. His solution? Not tax cuts so moms don't have to go to work; no, he wants the government, through surpluses, to provide funds for parents to stay at home for a few weeks when their children are born or adopted.

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