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Exactly. Another reason why if they didn't exist, lawyas would have to be invented. Instead of writing letters to the editor there'd be someone to go to bat for the kid.

California recognized the principle, over twenty years ago, in a case called Mijares, that you're not guilty of the crime of possession of contraband if your intent in possessing it is to turn it over to the authorities. Are parents proper authorities? I'd give the kid the benefit of the doubt, as he wasn't keeping it for himself.

People go nuts when acting in the name of protecting the children and exercising their authority. It's like what they call "clerk mentality," where you give a clerk the power to grant or deny some benefit and (s)he wields it like a club. This is why they have appellate courts, for some of the judges act like clerks. And some of the clerks, come to think of it, think they're judges.

Another reason why they had to invent lawyas.

-rs :)

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