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Where's the aspirin? Forget the aspirin all I need is a shot of the pure, thought the Mick.
What happened he thought to himself as he looked in the mirror; and his beard was down to his chest, his hair covered his ears. He needed to sit his head was spinning. He looked around the gas station bathroom and grabbed some brown paper towels and carefully placed them on the fixture so he could sit down . If his dear Sainted Mother knew he was sitting in a gas station rest room she would never be able to hold her head up and look any of her friends or neighbors in the eye again. I can never tell her he thought even though the his pants were up and he was sitting on a clean sink she always taught all her brood never to make contact with anything in a public restroom.( If he admitted to this he'd have to tell about the plumbing too) He went outside returned the key to the Texaco Flying A (Fast Ass Gas) Gas Station attendant as he left he noticed the newspapers date. What has happened he thought it's been almost a year where have I been?

As he walked across the street to go down New Dorp Lane to the diner to get something to eat
he looked at his watch to see if the liquor store was open too the watch was stopped the battery was dead all of a sudden he'd remembered all (well some).

Hagar had sent him on a sewer job and during the ditching they had broke through to an underground warehouse. It was Hagar's vicious ancestors storage room. It had giant kegs of ancient Irish whiskey and glacial ice that kept the potatoes stolen in 1847 that had caused the great potato famine fresh. He had immediately contacted the brotherhood to regain the stolen property. They'd faked a cave in and he and the brotherhood had conspired to build tunnels and a pipeline to bring the stolen goods back into Irish possession. Unfortunately he and most of the brotherhood had been living on whiskey and potato soup for the last year and the great fortune of the aged Irish pure was gone forever. Forgetting the food he went and caught a bus to St. Columba's Hall

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