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On 6/5/99 6:18:35 AM, TOMDGIMP wrote:
>On 6/1/99 10:52:45 AM, bobC wrote:
>>I grew up in the 40's,
>>50's and 60's and have a very
>>vague recollection of the
>>"mosquito man".
>You were growing up for 30 years? I
>guess it's true some people NEVER grow
>up!!!! LOL =o)
Yes Tom, three decades doesn't necessarily mean 30 years. I was born in 1942 and turned eighteen in 1960 (an age which can still be considered "growing up"). But, I still do consider myself, "young at heart". Then there's the other cliche, that you're "as young as you feel", or "age is just a number"............ (LOL)
I'm certain there are some out there (like me) who have parents born in the teens that will celebrate their 10th decade when the clock ticks to 2000 (Y2k) in a bit more than six months.

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