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A good, thoughtful, article, Corsair, couldn't agree more.

What's a pirate like you doin' in or around landlocked Fresno?

How do you get close to the ocean from Fresno?

For youse non-California StatNislanders, Fresno is in the midst of California's great central valley, a former sea, in an earlier geological age, now the richest agricultural land in the world. Fresno is one of the most productive, richest, and hard working counties in the U.S. William Saroyan, the author, came from there. Many Armenian farmers, now agribusiness CEOs, and lawyers and judges there. Arrived after the Turkish genocide of Armenians following WWI. Also Japanese descended farmers, those who managed to get their land back after WWII, when the internment order meant selling off what you'd acquired.

Now Fresno is on the Highway 99 corridor between LA and points north. This makes it a drug courier route of the first order and the crime problem there is significant. Mexican gangs and others keep the place in ferment.

The local college, Fresno State U., has a top basketball team; think the current coach is Jerry Tarkanian, formerly of UNevada, Las Vegas. Might be wrong on this.

Corsair, tell us about the Valley, and how a clean-cut StatNisland boy wound up there, reading newspaper editorials, and posting them on the SI-Web, for our edification.


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