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Very good joke!

And while we are on the subject of "Willie The Weasel," how about this one?

“President Clinton’s Testimony” (as reported by Dr. Seuss):

Mr. Clinton:

I did not do it in a car,
I did not do it in a bar,
I did not do it in the dark,
I did not do it in the park,
I did not do it on a date,
Heck, we never came close to a

I did not do it at a dance,
I did not do it in her pants,
I never did it in a bed,
If you think that -- you’ve been

I did not do it with a groan,
I did not do it on the ‘phone,
I did not cause her dress to
Anyone who says that is a pain!

I did not do it with a whip,
You can be sure that I never,
ever fondled Linda Tripp!

I never really acted silly,
With any volunteers, such as
Kathleen Willey,
There was one time, with Margaret
I chased her ‘round, but couldn’t
catch 'er!
No kinky stuff for me -- not on
your life,
I wouldn’t ever -- not even with my

As to Gennifer Flowers? Those
tales of woes,
Was all paid for by my right wing
And Paul Jones, and those State
Thar just a bunch of party poopers!

I did not ask my friends to lie,
I did not hang them out to dry,
I did not do it last November,
But if I did ...I don’t remember!

I did not do it in the hall,
I guess I could have, but I don’t
I never did it in my study,
I never did it with my dog,
I never did it with Sox, the
I might have, once, with Arafat, I never did it in a hurry,
Why, I never once groped Ms. Betty

There was no sex at Arlington,
There was no sex on Air Force One,
I might have copped a little feel,
And this, endeavored to conceal,
But I never did those things so
(At least never in the nude!).

These things to which I have
Do not count, as we all stayed

It never happened with a cigar,
I never dated Mrs. Starr,
I did not know that this little
Would be told over and over again
on CNN!

I broke some rules my mamma taught
I tried to hide it - but now you’ve
caught me,
But, I implore! I do beseech!!
Do not condemn me! Do not impeach!!
I might have got a little tail,
But never -- never -- did I ever

Mr. Starr:

Did you smile?
Did you flirt?
Did you peek, perhaps, underneath
her skirt?
And did you tell this girl to lie,
If called upon to testify?

Mr. Clinton:

That is it! You’ve gone too far!!
I do not like you, old meany Starr!
I will not answer any more!
In fact - I think I will start a war!
The public is easy to distract,
When bombs are falling on Iraq!

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