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I wish I was only kidding. I presently work as an ethicist for a research institute that deals with biological warfare defense. Our sister institution deals with chemical warfare defense and we teach a course on medical countermeasures for both. The truth is that insecticides used by farmers, green lawn companies and maybe even the mosquito man contain organophosphate insecticides. When I walked barefoot to the pool at my mother-in-laws condo in Florida my feet went numb. They were using organophosphates to kill the mole crickets in the grass. Organophosphate insecticides are chemical nerve agents used by germans in WWII. One of the reasons we bomb high capacity insecticide factories in aggressive countries is that what they are making is being made in too high an amount to simply be used on gardens.

Some chemical agents smell like almonds and other attractive odors. I suppose real research may be needed to know exactly what was in the mosquito man's brew but my guess is as good as any.


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