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According to my research, there are people buried under the 18th fairway in the Silver Lake Golf Course. The original Quarantine Station, which comprised a good deal of Tompkinsville was burned on the nights of September 1st and 2nd, 1858. The quarantine contained at least one burial ground and a crematory was elsewhere. The bodies here were apparently removed from the burial ground which was around where Slosson Terrace meets Central Avenue, to a tract of state owned land near Silver lake. They were re-interred and there were some gravestones that were moved. The area is described in a NY Sun article of 1919 as beign on "the southeaster slope of a broad depression extending from the recently constructed Silver Lake reservoir to the Clove valley and several hundred feet distatn from the Richmond turnpike" (now Victory Blvd) Somehow or other, after the city acquired the land, the tombstones were taken up and nobody knows what happened to them. In an article dated 1939, August 11, the reporter writes that the Park Department engineer had "revealed that the tombstones had been taken up when the course was being built and placed in the old Silver Lake garage, now the golf clubhouse. The bones of the deceased were never molested, however, he said, and as far as anybody knows still lay under the sod of the 18th fairway, where the cemetary was situated."
I'm still piecing this information together.
Eventually, Hoffman and Swinburne islands were built to replace the Quarantine. There were also some quarantine buildings on the South Shore, but that's another story altogether.

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