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New to the board, I starting reading over these old posts. I had to respond to this one. What I am going to say about the "beloved" Frank McCourt isn't going to be too popular. Since his great success he has been lionized in the Staten Island press and by the people of Staten Island. I am glad to see that some of the people who posted said that he was a good guy, an okay teacher. However, about the time that Angela's Ashes came out, I saw McCourt on a C-span Booknotes panel discussion, and in my opinion, he trashed the people of Staten Island. Bitched and moaned about having to teach working class kids. I can't quote him; I was becoming so livid that I was seeing red and then white, but to paraphrase, he talked disdainfully about teaching the sons and daughters of "garage mechanics" to be garage mechanics and beauticians. Guys he was thoroughly obnoxious. He wasn't much kinder to the Stuyvesant kids, either. I think he referred to them as a (again a paraphrase, or maybe not) "better class" of kids but all completely neurotic. I would give my eye teeth to have been able to tape that or to get a copy of it. These remarks so took me aback, especially considering that he made all of his money writing about how poor he was.
Sorry for the screed; Frank McCourt gets my blood a'boilin.

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