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On 6/2/99 9:47:29 PM, beno wrote:
>Where did the students in
>Wagner's district go to school
>before Wagner was opened?
Most went to New Dorp and I think the rest went to Port Richmond unless McKee was their choice of school for vocational courses.

I know the ND school boundary went to at least Victory Blvd. and Richmond Ave because several of my friends at ND lived there. They either took the jammed packed NDH school buses to & from school or they had to walk uP to ND Train Station and catch the 111 then transferred to another bus at Victory & Bradley - Sal, tough sun of a gun that he was, was the main & greatest bus driver of the 111 - he would wait a few extra minutes so everyone made the early bus...and if U didn't have your bus pass with U he was blessed with a "look away" action LOL...there was another bus driver that was just a "cranky old" LOL maybe he wasn't so old, just that we were so young and thought 30 was ancient at the time ROFL.

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