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On 6/1/99 5:58:44 PM, MSchia wrote:
>I work for N Y C dept. of
>health and one of our angencys
>is pest control and up to the
>early 80,s we still used those
>machines i used to repair
>them. They were called tifa's

Do you know why they were called "tifa's"?

>they used aprox. 98%deisel oil
>and 2% Malithine which is why
>they don,t use them any more.
>They used to use it on
>helicopters and sprayed a
>pregnant woman and the city
>got sued And that was why the
>city stoped using it
This is the most information that I was able to find anywhere. Thank you.
Someone at borough hall suggested that maybe the mosquito man was a private contractor for the city and that the city itself didn't actually do the spraying.

Thanks for the information.

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