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It is interesting that you raise the question of disease and the mosquito man. I myself have had several miscarriages and a child born with birth defects. I was one of the mosquito man's ardent disciples. Your description of the kids spilling out into the street and "parading" is right on target with my memories. I wrote a poem about the mosquito man as part of a series that I was writing last year under a grant. Some of the language that Gina used jives with my own experience. I compared us to the children of Hamelin in my poem. Pretty grim when you think about the consequences of their discipleship. I called borough hall to see if I could get information. I was curious. What exactly were we inhaling? I got no satisfactory answer; as a matter of fact no one seemed to know what I was talking about. We couldn't all of us have hallucinated this experience.
When I read the poem, people who were here and remember are astounded and then they shudder to think of what we were running, bicycling, and rollerskating in the midst of.

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