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R.S. I usually agree with you but this time I can't. While I'm not a Saint nor am I a coward (and have the scars to prove it)who used the popular opinion as an excuse to avoid the draft.
Clinton is bomb happy and trying to make himself a warrior. Don't misunderstand me I have as much respect for those kids that went to Canada and stayed there as I do for the other kids who joined the reserves and national guard or went as I
did. (Dan Q. got a bad rap; Al Gore went to Nam and got a cushy job in the rear and I feel they both did the honorable
thing but I don't feel comfortable with either one as president) I have no leanings left or right have voted for both parties and independent(Guess that makes me an equal opportunity hater LOL ) Basically what I'm saying is that I wouldn't entrust the keys to my house to Bubba willingly. And then again maybe he was turned down by the Navy after he failed the soap test

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