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On 5/30/99 11:12:48 PM, MSchia wrote:
>This President should
>concetrate more on his job and
>not on covering up his own
>greedy and selfish ways. soon
>we will be building anpther
>wall to rember the brave men
>who lost there lives at
>kosikov. when i herd him say
>peace keepers i thought of
>another time when about 58000
>peace keepers lost there lives
>for no reason
Although I also feel that Bubba is playing politics
I feel it is disrespectful to the men and women stationed over there to say they are in harms way for no reason. I remember how I felt when I returned from Viet-Nam and while it has always been popular since the late 60's to condemn
our reasons for being involved in Viet-Nam. There where some legitimate humanitarian reasons for being over there. Read the Rev. Tom Dooleys book about Indochina and the atrocities over there. I don't feel that Bubba is an honorable man nor fit to lead this country much less the armed forces I would never say anything that could be interpreted as disrespectful of our troops in that theater of operations

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