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Substitute "Fuhrer" for "Principal," "Germanizing" for "Americanizing," and make "Ve vill haff no diversity" the watchword, and I think we have here the makings of a Thousand Year Reich.

I'm quite happy, thank you, to identify myself as an American, but after looking at some of my fellow Americans, I'm not quite ready to banish from public attention, or otherwise stamp out, all vestiges of racial, ethnic, religious, thought, and other differences.

Thanks, but I prefer the stew pot and the salad bowl to the melting pot.

I can learn more from someone different than from someone the same as me.

I come from FawCawnahs, StatNisland, NooYawk, U.S.A., where I learned how to get along with everybody who gave me half a chance, which was most of my classmates at PS 29, Curtis, and Wagner. I couldn't begin to list all of the different backgrounds of my fellow students. The least interesting of all are the ones sometimes lumped under the not so pleasant term "whitebread."

I go for the wry, myself.


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