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On 5/27/99 11:36:09 PM, Toddity wrote:
>Hello Donna, Once again you
>find it nessesary
>to give a dissertation. Never
>in my life have i found a
>person so full of it. Your in
>dire need of a reality check,
>at last glance have you
>noticed that your not living
>in harmony, like you would
>like to believe? I honestly
>believe your fooling yourself,
>giving yourself false hope. As
>far as the so called "Song of
>Life" let it continue for all
>I care. You should call it the
>"Song of Donna" You amaze me
>with all that noise coming
>across your teeth how do find
>time to breathe?
>"Cast the First Stone, Let the
>Rightous Amoung You Cast the
>First Stone"
I guess I just don't understand the relevance of the last sentence. I know it's a paraphrase of a New Testament text, but it doesn't seem to me that Donna has cast any stone at all. So the only way I can interpret it is that you, Toddity, the stone-thrower, consider yourself righteous.

That's fine with me. You're perfectly free to consider yourself righteous. But I think I've never before seen anybody so willing to broadcast that conviction.

Jim Donnelly

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