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On 5/25/99 9:47:17 PM, Toddity wrote:
"Donna, I bet your on the telephone constantly. Your definitely a person that
desperately needs to be heard and accepted by others. Your mission in life is to save
this planet and all of mankind, all by yourself! Your a self proclaimed healer.
As for "The Song of Life" it appears to be a little off key these days. We are living in a
>world that is over medicated and over weight. How can anything change if people cant change themselves?"

~deep breathe~

Toddity....I don't know what it is that makes you so determined to dwell in negativity....but it's crystal clear that you do.

You were so very wrong about each and everything you said.....and I could easily ~set out~ to tell/explain/defend it all....but for what??? Surely it would all be falling on deaf ears.

And then again...would it??? *grin* I believe I said it before....but since I'm not sure and it's important....I'll say it again!

Toddity....I firmly believe that while your words technically appear one way....they actually show someone very much WANTING to once again believe in all that is good and wonderful in this Universe of ours!!!! I really do think you hear, understand and agree.... with more of what I say than you admit to! For all our sakes...I hope so! If I'm right about you....I don't need to defend myself and if I'm wrong about would be a futile effort.

At any rate.....this particular reparte has surely run it's course. I've already said all that I need or care to on the matter...and so I would suspect.... have you! It's time to put it all to rest. As I said in my previous post.....I will continue to sing "The Song Of Life"..... and I will continue to pray for Peace, Harmony and Brotherhood.....

....and I will also continue to BELIEVE that it's possible! I will say this though! For someone as consistantly wrong as you've been.... you were right on about one thing...

We (as a people) will NOT be able to change a thing.....until we first change OURSELVES!

Outer (Global) ~Peace~ ....does indeedy begin with Inner (Personal) ~Peace~....

I hope you find yours soon!

Love & Light~* To You & Yours!

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