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That crystal ball of yours must have been working overtime for you Madame T., 'cuz I think you've answered the "What's it gonna take to improve the situation," question.

I'd like to see Washington put in an order for exactly 100,000 units. For money they can use what they were going to spend on metal detectors and school psychologists.

Can you imagine Washington buying 100,000 school psychologists and they all came up with a variation on Madame T's prescription? That would be a waste of 100,000 school psychologists, wouldn't it?

According to one report I read, the existing school psychologists, one for every 14,000 students or so, spend much of their year end time helping kids fill out scholarship applications instead of looking inside heads to see who is going to shoot up the next school.

How do you look into a teenage boy's head, anyway? Whaddaya do, ask him, "Hey, Joey, not planning any school rampages with your father's guns, are ya?" Joey replies, "No, but thanks for the neat idea!"

Or maybe you just judge from the circumstances; say, if your father owns guns, and your girlfriend says don't come around anymore, we lock you up until you stop thinking about her or until your class graduates, whichever comes first.

I vote for Madame T.


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