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Willie Sutton and Charlton Hairsuit decided to see if their saltwater Killies would work as bait in fresh water. Borrowing BarNaCle Bill's big belly Schwinn bike and fishing tackle, they rode along the Terrace until they got to Clove Road. Going straight up Clove Road was no easy task, with Willie sitting on the handlebars holding the spinning rods and the bait bucket. However, Charlton seemed equal to the task even though the Schwinn by itself weighed over 70 lbs.

At the corner of Clove and Forest, they cut into the park and soon were standing on the concrete bridge at the outlet end of Brooks pond. Baiting their hooks with the killies, they dropped them over the side. Willie was using a float, while Charlton let his minnow swim free with the bail open on his reel. They weren't getting any hits, but down at the other end of the pond they could see splashes of fish jumping and many swirls.

They packed up their gear and headed for the other end of Brooks pond. There was sort of a sandbar which was connected to the small bridge at the inlet to the pond by a muddy path. Out on the sandbar they spotted the Greenman in a pair of hipboots with a pitchfork in his hand. There was a large fish impaled on the fork and the Greenman was in the process of putting it in a large picnic cooler. Willie and Charlton hurried out on the sandbar to get a better look at the action.

On the left side of the sandbar there was a shallow area with cattails growing and there were many large fish splashing and floundering in this area. The two strangers to SI asked the Greenman what kind of fish they were and what they were doing. The Greenman told them the fish were carp and being the first week in May, they were spawning in the shallows. Charlton said he thought it wasn't very sporting spearing the carp with a pitchfork...couldn't they be caught with a rod&reel?

The Greenman replied:

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