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Well OT,
Interesting thought about the porches and stuff. Only there are some problems now with the things you mentioned that didn't exist back then.
First off(I'm sure there will be complaints about this one), to have a block party or a simple hot dog roast is no longer possible with the "wonderful job" Dictator, oops, I mean Mayor Hitler is doing. You can no longer do these things without a permit, since "people gathering in large groups, is a breeding ground for drug dealing and other quality of life problems". So much FOR the quality of life you are allowed!!
Next, if you even go down to the beach or Wolf's Pond at night you can rest assured that again, you will be hassled and even SEARCHED(nice to have a Bill of Rights, isn't it), for being there!!!
Last and not least, if everyone was on their porches, wouldn't that just make them better targets?
Hillary Clinton said(I think), "It Takes A Village To Raise A Child", but there are no more communities or villages, since there is no more trust or CARING anymore for anyone but one's self!!! To be a community, people have to be interested in things going on in their neighborhood, which no one is anymore. Don't believe me? When was the last time anyone here went to a community board meeting when it didn't have something directly to do with them?
In other words, just to make their community a better place, NOT because you were against the dump or a new road. Who here has actually ran for a seat on a community board?
You can't complain if YOU don't make an effort!!! Everyone has the same attitude: "Let someone else take care of it, I'm too busy"!!!
Remember, change only takes place when ONE person starts something and OTHER people join in!!!

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