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On 5/25/99 12:20:15 AM, Algal wrote:
>Today we drive into our 20
>foot driveway, hit a button to
>open the garage and close it
>behind us. We are cacooning.
>We then go to the front porch
>which we have moved to the
>back and now call it a deck.
>If I could legislate a rule it
>would be that no house be
>built more than 10 feet from
>the sidewalk, (Sidewalks would
>be required) and each house
>would require a front porch.

HEY! OT how ya b...

Algal said a BOUNTY FULL when she posted. For sure the suggested legislate would get my support & vote.

I'm one of those people who never gave uP sitting "out front" & enjoying every bit of the neighborhood I live in & my good neighbors stopping by. I don't exactly have a front porch but there's a concrete deck in front of my house that works just as well since I got rid of the plants and put a patio set out there about many years ago. Quite often morning or evening coffee is shared out on the "front porch" with a neighbor or two discussing trivial events to world affairs.

One thing that is nice about sitting out front is that many kids around here play in the front of their homes because most of the back yards have built in swimming pools leaving little area to really use for play. While we're sitting on the front deck the kids seem to be quite comfortable playing within distance of watchful eyes. Several of my neighbors have finally decided to make use of their front decks and yards and also sit out there reading or just relaxing. What's more interesting is that some of them have finally discovered that they have "real LIVE neighbors" and live in a "real GREAT neighborhood"

I have family staying with me for a while now and they take the dogs for a walk in the park behind my house a couple of times a day. When they return from their walks they almost always s sit out front to relax for a while. They say they have met more people in my neighborhood in the short time they have been here then they met in many years in their own home area...I say they can thank my "front porch" for that :)

My Mom recently purchased a new home and the one of the main things that really attracted her to it was a "real front porch" where she now sits every morning having her tea and reading the newspaper and every evening relaxing after dinner while greeting and being greeted by her "real LIVE neighbors" who are out for a stroll...she loves it.

A while back I posted similar sentiments somewhere in the SI Web Archives about there being a GREAT country western song that says LOTS about the special warn fuzzy feeling of sitting on the front porch. The post is in the archives somewhere and suggests how everyone should have and make use of their front porch or at the very least a stoop like so many homes on Staten Island did when I was growing uP.

The song is:

If The Whole World Had A Front Porch - by: Tracy Lawrence
Go get it, listen to it and put it's words into action...a front porch for every home. It truly can be a very special place :)

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