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When your right you are right. I am 800 miles south in Atlanta and got here through Mich., Chicago and Maine but you struck a cord.

I recently gave a homily (sermon) about community and recalled my childhood in the Fort Wadsworth, Rosebank, Stapleton corridor.
The houses on Sand Street still have the porches. Many a night we sat on those porches or "stoops" talking with neighbors.
I also recalled that if I got into trouble any one of a half dozen Italian mothers would think nothing of swatting me in the back of the head (I never told my father because I would have gotten a second swat) but on the flip side, if I had any kind of a problem I could have walked into any of those houses and received immediate help. That is what we called neighborhood.

Today we drive into our 20 foot driveway, hit a button to open the garage and close it behind us. We are cacooning. We then go to the front porch which we have moved to the back and now call it a deck.

If I could legislate a rule it would be that no house be built more than 10 feet from the sidewalk, (Sidewalks would be required) and each house would require a front porch.

It brought back a lot of pleasant memories to the people in church that night. Thanks for reminding me again.

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