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We come close to this in my East Hanover NJ neighborhood. We don't have the large porches like we had on Curtis Place in Staten Island in the 60's, but there are small concrete patios (with rooves?/roofs?) in front of the front doors. I have a park bench replica and a wicker love seat on mine. In the summers (on weekdays), many neighbors take walks around the development and chat with the lazy one's like me who are sitting on their porches. I'm usually watching my kids play with their friends on my lawn, or riding their bikes, or drawing on my driveway/sidewalk with colored chalk.

It's not exactly the same old feeling, but pretty close.

On weekends, everyone is usually in their backyards or decks.

We're lucky to be in a neighborhood where most everyone has young children. Everyone is up pretty early, in bed pretty early and there is usually someone around for the kids to play with. I'm already making plans to move when the kids become of driving age.

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