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lol,I have been thinking what this country needs now is a front porch on every house. Lets all make a big pitcher of lemon aide, and go sit out on our porch. If we see a neighbor invite him to join you. Lets chat about the current things to do together as a neighborly group. How about the old fashioned block party for Memorial Day or Fourth of July?
Get the kids involved. Play games in the street. Have a big community picnic. Include all of your neighbors. If we all can get together as a family of neighbors who knows what will come of it?
We may learn tolerance and just find out that if we can do it the kids can also. It is time to forget the movies, t.televisionelevisionelevisionelevision. and make a day of getting to know our neighbors like we did as kids on the island.
We all used to sit on the porch. NO air condition was available and we sat out in the cool night air and often got an idea for taking off for the beach and a hot dog roast, remember the fun? On Summers Lane, we did that and sang songs and oh what a good old fashioned time it was. OH can we just go back one more time and try again???
Oldtimer---- Is this too much to ask?

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