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If it weren't so sad, it would be funny.

When I was a kid, I figured we were at the apex of civilization. After all, Hitler had just been defeated, along with Mussolini (strung up after being shot) and Tojo (hanged for his role in attacking Pearl Harbor and invading the rest of Asia). We had a clean slate,right? And we were top dog, right? Germany was flattened, and so was France and Japan and Russia, er, the Soviet Union, you know,the USSR/CCCP.

And, I thought, we were smarter than everybody who had gone before. Doesn't it stand to reason that we know more than those poor folks who walked around in the dark in the Dark Ages?

So if we're so smart, how did things get so screwed up?

In those days kids didn't shoot fellow students and teachers, and teachers didn't shoot pupils over thirty cents of bus fare. We may have all had teachers we'd have liked to do in, and schools we'd like to have burned down, usually just before finals, but we never actually did it.

Today we do it.

This is progress.

Actions, not idle wishes.

So much for the idea of progress.

Perhaps there is no progress.

Perhaps civilization is like climbing a sand hill along with a pack of snarling human beasts pulling you down. You get to the top, and down you go, and the next dog-headed humanoid throws you down. There must be a better description of life.

Tell me I'm wrong, but don't tell me fairy stories.

Tell me there's a cure, but don't promise me pie-in-the-sky.

Tell me what we gotta do to set things right.

-Four Corners.

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