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I found this blurb on Reuter's news service, and found it interesting due to all the problems we here in America are having with the Nation's school kids!!! I am posting this primarily because someone(sorry I don't remember who)posted a message that said something like: Do other countries have this problem?
Like I said, which is better?

Friday May 21 8:38 AM ET
Teachers Shoot Pupil On School Trip

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - Two South African teachers have been arrested for killing one of their students after a dispute over the cost of a school trip, the South African Press Association reported Friday.
Sthembiso Gcwenga, aged 19, was killed and two of his fellow students seriously wounded after teachers shot 13 rounds to protect themselves from angry pupils who demanded money back from a bus trip in the rural province of KwaZulu-Natal.
Police spokesman Captain Vishnu Naidoo said pupils had started to throw stones at their teachers who had refused to refund them for the trip to the town of Umzinto.
The teachers were to appear in a magistrates court later Friday on charges of murder and attempted murder.
Newspaper reports said the dispute centered over payment for the bus for the excursion, with the teachers apparently charging two rand (30 U.S. cents) too much for the trip.
Violence at schools in South Africa is an all too common occurrence. In recent months a group of pupils stoned a headmaster seriously injuring him and in another incident a black pupil stabbed a white classmate with a pair of scissors.

So, would you rather have students killing each other, AND the teachers, or have the teacher's killing the students!!!? In a perfect world(which this one is most definitely not)they wouldn't be killing each other at all!!!

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