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Somewhere also is the bond between parents and child. I know that my grand kids are so busy also with athletics, their homework and family functions.

I also feel that it boils down also to love of family that gives them the inner feeling that they would not want to hurt us in any way. We as grandparents also go to their games and school performances.

They drive and stop in almost every couple of days to see how we are doing. This is not enforced by the parents but is of their own choice.

They know of our support and great love. We also have a grandaughter who is "gay". We do not choose this for her, but, we show our love. She has a companion and they have been together for years. Each has a child of the same sperm donor and have adopted each other's child. We treat them each as a great grandchild.

It all is the same. Family involvement, unity and support for one another. No matter if a one parent family or a two
parent one, we need support. I was mother of five and four of my children did not have a father around most of the time, as he was in the Navy, but they knew of his love and
knew they would have to answer to him when he did come home.

The extended family was an important support system.

Where was all this in Littleton? How could the parents miss all that was before their eyes??

What of the medication that the one young man was on?? This is another thing to follow up on.


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