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Good point.

I think an "every man" would think that Ethicists would be like ministers or boy scout leaders. However, we all know examples of folks who betray these presumptions.

At Ethics meetings there is not a lot of obvious " risky behavior" like was seen at Tail Hook or at the NY Police men's convention in D.C. However, there certainly were some Ethics folks whose ego kept them standing up grabbing attention. I also suppose there were a few swingers there who could mouth pure platitudes while planning the nights escapade.

I just read that a high dean of a divinity school just got canned because his hard drive had S*Xy hard bodies on it. So the guy was only divine in public, in private he was carnal. What we didn't know about that guy...did it or did it not hurt us? Open disclosure and "informed consent" remedies unethical behavior so we can decide for ourselves whether what we don't/do know could hurt us.

Maybe normality includes some schizoid-ness where one face says one thing and the other says something entirely different.

I work very vigorously to protect human subjects but I don't feel a lot of pain for the rats and mice I use in my research. I am humane in my treatment of the animals but certainly don't feel the way I would feel if I "used" a person for my own benefit. Pair that with the PETA person who suggested that medical researchers use human prisoners instead of animals, and my schizoid-ness seems balanced.

Well, do you think any less of my ethics because I did the Lindy Hop on stage with the members of the IRB Follies? I don't think so. Dance is another way of getting in contact with the same spirit that gives strength to fight the good fight for principles. And, as long as you stay ON your feet no one gets hurt.

What do you think? Are there any lawyers that have no respect for the law? Or, once you know all of that, does it all become relative?

Best regards.


Visit the IRB Follies or Joey and Maria's Comedy Wedding Both were performed at PRIM&R meetings where serious stuff was discussed during the day.

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