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On 5/21/99 2:43:55 AM, Toddity wrote:

"Donna, Your posting once again overwhelmed me, but then again I expected it.
I have concluded that many people like yourself tend to be very superficial, typically people I cannot trust. You may mean
well, but your approach is OVERWHELMING, catch my drift. I can respect a person with a
positive attitude, just face the facts we are living in a world that is not in harmony
with your beliefs. You express too much in a world that wasn't got a clue.

I am a 43 year old Capricorn male with an attitude."

*~~~deep breath~~~*

Ohhhhhh Toddity~~~~

Now how do I top that???? *LOL* You kind of said it all yourself with your last statement when you said: " I am a 43 year old Capricorn male with an attitude." Look at your statement. Zero in on the words "expected" and "attitude". By professing that "expected" me to react in a certain way and also that you have an "attitude"'re admitting that your mind~set is set in stone! That's sad!!! Why??? Why would you be so unkind to yourself to close the door on so many infinite possibilites out there???

Toddity...Everything in life is perspective kiddo....EVERYTHING! Do you think that I don't see the seedy side of life...and of human nature as well? Do you think that I've never been burned by someONE or someTHING before??? I assure you I have! Do you think that I don't ache for the refugees of Kossovo and for those effected in the Columbine High School tradgedy???? I ache for them ALL!!!! But! I will tell you this as well!!!! And this is not to be taken by anyone as a "political"'s a personal and ~Spiritual~ one. While all the world sat crying for the murdered students in Columbine....I cried for the murderers as well!!! Sound crazy??? Not in my frame of reference! Those two boys were hurting. Those two boys were aching. They were hurting and aching ....and left hanging out to dry in the midst of their pain by each and every SUPPOSED "caretaker" and "nurturer" around them. For shame to ALL of them! For them to have done what they did....and in the way that they did it.....and for them to take their own lives at the end like they did.....illustrates to me VERY CLEARLY ....their feeling of disconnection with the rest of mankind. THAT is what poloarizes us all! We are all different...and we will all always be different.....we're suppose to be *smile*....but we DON'T have to let those "differences" destroy us! We CAN honor the difference in one another without exhaulting some and belittling others! We simply DON'T! If just ONE darned adult involved in that whole Columbine tradgedy had opened their eyes and stuck out a spiritual hand of support and comfort and help....all of the pain and suffering that is being faced today by sooo sooo many.....could have been avoided.

I teach....and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! I think the kids love it too! *LOL* Why do I think that??? Because I can feel the connection!!! I feel their love and respect...and I let them feel mine too!!! And you know what???? While in the course of "teaching" ...information information of course is imparted....but it's so so so much more than that! I'm not JUST passing on information! I'm teaching CHILDREN! I'm teaching PEOPLE!!!!! I'm teaching ~*Hearts*~ and I'm teaching ~*Souls*~!!!! There is just as much "taught"....when a child hangs around my desk after class to tell me a personal story and I listen....or when I leave school and they're hungrily waiting for me to see and pet their dog *LOL* there is in the classroom.....because it's what I've taught PUT INTO ACTION! People WANT to be connected! People WANT to share! People WANT to feel that they count!!!!!!!!!!!

You asked me if I caught your "DRIFT"...and I assure you that I have....more so than I think you realize! I read your words....and while they appear to be saying one thing....that's all surface. I feel that beneath it haven't ~given up~ on mankind as much as you claim! I really do think that you're searching for a ~Spiritual~ boost! And for the record...I'm NOT talking about "religion"!!!

You said that I "express too much in a world that hasn't got a clue". All I can say to that is: You're hanging out in the wrong corner of the world!!!!! *S* For sure there are many "clueless" ones out there in the wild blue yonder....but for each and every "clueless" person there is....I can show you TWO very "aware" people! *S* Believe me because it's true and I can prove it!!!!! Please don't let the negative side of life bring you down when it doesn't have to be that way! You're a Capricorn! That means that you're probably one heck of a HARD WORKER! Why don't you trying putting your efforts to the REAL TEST! Why don't you help the people on the negative side of life get OUT of the hole! Don't join them there!!!!

Come on! *nudge nudge wink wink* You know deep in your ~*Heart and Soul*~ that you really wanna!!!!! For you to find my post "OVERWHELMING" means that you were ~touched~/ ~moved~ by it!!! Of course calling me superficial wasn't exactly the response I was looking for *LOL*....but I'll survive! *S* You don't know me....not by a long shot!!!! I don't know you, never met you, and as far as conversational exchanges go....this one from me makes it a complete set of "2"! *S* That makes your post pretty illogical doesn't it?

Toddity....I'm not perfect...far from it.....and I never claimed to be! I do however TRY to walk on the High Road.....and you know what? That's all any of us can do!!! It doesn't necessarily guarantee success....but it sure does guarantee a greater degree of it! *S*

I'm not usually a Bible quoting person ....but there is one particular quote in there that I adore.....and I will present it here now because I thnk it says precisely what I've been trying to say all along....what I ALWAYS try to say actually! In's the first set of words on my web site! I do want to make it clear though that I do not have them there because they came from the"Bible"...but because it speaks of Truth to me in my ~*Heart and Soul*~....and what I always use as my yardstick for veracity!!!!

It is as follows: "For as a man thinketh in his is he." It's from Proverbs (I believe it's Proverbs 23:7...but I could easily be wrong! I'd have to check my web site! *LOL*)

I'll leave you now with a bit of a challenge! If you ever want to check out a group of people who DO care...who DO love unconditionally and non~judgementally....who DO put their "brother" first...who DO have bigger parameters to their existence then..."WINNING" and "GETTING AHEAD" in this plane (whatever "getting ahead" is!).......

......just let me know...and I will show you where they are! If you want to continue this reparte about a particular Spiritual or Philosophical point....that works for me too!. And....if you're not happy with those offers....I submit one more! If my posts should upset you that much....than when you read my name.....just exercise your gift of CHOICE and pass them by!!!!

In any event .....I will continue to Sing "The Song Of Life" for regardless of what ANYONE says....I know deep in my ~*Heart and Soul*~ that HARMONY is the answer...!!!!!! *smile* I also have to confess that I hope and pray that YOU start to sing "The Song Of Life" soon too!!!! *S* Come on! Life is too short....even if you're blessed enough to live to be 100!!! *S* Why not live it with Hope, and Happiness....and Joy????? The choice is yours!!!!

Love & Light~* To You and Yours~~~~


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