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Athens, GA: If more than three unrelated women live together, the house is considered a brothel.

Willowdale, OR: It's against the law for a husband to talk dirty during sex.

Alabama: A man cannot seduce a chaste woman by means of "temptation, deception, arts, flattery or a promise of marriage."

14 states: Heterosexual oral sex is illegal.

In 21 states, gay oral sex is illegal.

Newcastle, WY: Couples are prohibited from having sex in a butcher's walk-in freezer

Every State: It's illegal to have sex with a dead body.

Hawaii, Iowa, Maine, Mississippi: These states have the youngest age of sexual consent: 14.

Sioux Fall, SD: Every hotel room is required to have twin beds. The beds must remain a minimum of 2 feet apart when a couple rents the room for a single night. It's illegal to have sex on the floor between the beds.

Massachusetts: It's illegal for a hotel manager to allow a woman to room with more than one man for 30 days if the room is smaller than 400 square feet.

Fairbanks, AK: It's illegal for two moose to have sex on the city sidewalks.

10 states: Cohabitation is illegal.

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