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On 5/19/99 1:41:18 AM, Toddity wrote:
"Donna, Your postings are a little too overwhelming for me, did you grow up in
the 60's or 70's?? By the way do you wear Tie Dye clothes?"

Talk about something that makes you go Hummmmmm! *smile*

Toddity...I'm sorry to hear that my posts are a bit overwhelming for you as that most certainly has never been my intention. I come here for one reason and one reason only.....which I'm sure is the SAME reason as everyone else who comes here.......TO SHARE!

I must tell you though that I do value your honesty ...and the pleasant manner in which you expressed it as well...but I also must admit that I am more than a bit confused about your the majority of my posts (at least the ones to which I think you're referring) are never really of a personal nature.

O.k.! Wait a minute! I didn't express that correctly! I retract that statement!

The posts to which I think you're referring are actually VERY PERSONAL...but in a very non~personal way! At least that's the ~spirit~ of my intentions when I post them!

Hey! Let's be honest! We are all different. Right? Not only those of us here at this web site...but human beings in general! Yes? There are no two human beings that are EXACTLY the same...and that statement stands true for twins, triplets, quads...etc etc etc.

If you doubt that...just ask a person who was born as "one" of the offspring of a multiple birth ...and they will firmly tell you that they are NOT their brother or sister....but THEMSELF! *S* You will also get that same answer if you ask the parents of children born courtesy of a multiple birth.

However! For as many "differences" as we humans have....there are indisputable similarities we ALL have....not the least of which is sharing the same physical plane.....our UNIVERSE! I could easily provide you with countless spiritual dissertations now to explain what I'm trying to say...but it's not even necessary. All you have to do is pick up a newspaper....listen to the news....or just plain open your eyes around you....and you can see the laws of PHYSICS (which is perceived to be the OPPOSITE of the ~Spiritual~ realm) in action. The laws of "Cause and Effect" are something which NONE of us can escape. Not only are we subject to the "effects" of that which we ourselves "do" or "don't do"....but that which others "do" and "don't do" as well. Was not what happened in Columbine High School a prime example???? And what of the war in Kosovo???? Is that not ALSO an example of how ~interconnected~ we all are???

What effects the "one"...ALWAYS effects the "many"'s just that some of the ramifications aren't as obvious without deeper inspection.....

.....and then there are the times
when the "effects" simply don't ~show up~ for a while.

Again....I could easily get "~Spiritual~" here...and say something like ...... those "delayed" effects are God's chance for man to makes amends and treat their brother as "THEMSELF".......but I don't have to...although I guess I kind of just did anyway! *LOL* I can explain it all WITHOUT even bringing the ~Spiritual~ side into the discussion because for mankind to OPEN their eyes and LEARN from their misdeeds is not only ~Spiritual~....'s also being plain old PRUDENT and there are countless examples of that around and among us each and every day.

While we may be born into different families, different ethnic backgrounds, different economic brackets, different religions, and perhaps we even have different levels of "intelligence" (or at least that which is deemed to be considered "intelligent" by the masses)....

I have yet to find however, any human being who does not sleep, eat, and breathe ...(at least in some way, shape or form) stay alive. I also have yet to find another human being who does not feel any form of pain or pleasure.....and if there be such a man or woman....they are surely an aberration and most DEFINETLY not the norm.

That pain and pleasure are such prominent features of humanity have been Philosophized and written about since the dawn of man. Some very well known and very well quoted Philosophers even consider them to be the two sovereign masters from which all men operate.

I not but that's another discussion for another time! *S*

The bottom line here is that EVERYTHING in life comes down to perspective. Everything that I ever say, do, think and a direct reflection of my perspective. The same is true for everyone else....and since we all have free choice...and choose our perspective.... is my personal decision to keep my mind, and heart, and soul inspect and perhaps assimilate....the perspectives of others into my own frame of that I might always be in a state of personal growth.....

....and in like form.... I try to do the FAIR thing and present my perspective for others to reflect upon as well!

Some people focus on "differences"....I choose to focus on "similarities"......

....and I also choose to "talk" about them! *smile*

As for whether or not I grew up in the 60's or 70's....I guess I'd have to say BOTH! *LOL* I was born in 1955!

AS for the Tie Dye clothes...NOPE! I don't wear em now...and I NEVER even wore them when they were "popular"....

....although I did wear bell bottoms when I was a teen~ager! *LOL*

It's funny you asked about the Tie Dye though because my 15 year old Daughter just adores 1960's nostalgia things! She also loves 1950's stuff too though! *S* She even has her web site (whatever little is there at this point) decorated that way too.

....and YES! She has a Lava Lamp in her bedroom *LOL*...but that was HER desire...not mine!!!! *S*

Now that I got a glimpse of what YOU think I might look or dress like.....Mama Mia! *LOL*

All I can say at this point is that I think you'd be VERY VERY surprised if you ever met me in person! *S*


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