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Yep Yep Yep!!!! When one learns to "listen" with their ~*Heart and Soul*~.....the Universe and every ONE and every THING in a vastly different place! *Smile*

I'm going to post an exerpt that I posted in my string (which is called ~*Heart and Soul*~ BTW *LOL*) in my other web site!!! My apologies in advance if I've done so already. I really can't remember if I posted it here or not! It's about MEDITATION! *smile* They're not my words but an exerpt from an excellent old book I have. It's called: Find A Quiet Corner
What Is A Quiet Corner?

A moment in time. A place in time. A breath. A quiet corner can be found anywhere, can be created anytime. It is an attitude, an outlook. It can be found in your particular approach to your particular day. A quiet corner simply needs a slight shift in perspective to emerge.

A quiet corner is the calm after a storm. Think of a morning after a snowstorm, your world buried under a foot or two of snow. Venturing outside, you may notice the effects of this blanket of white. Before the roads are plowed and card dug out, there is no traffic noise. Most people, while perhaps dreading the shovel, are smiling and awed
by the beauty of it all. You might think more carefully about each step you take. Once you've given in to this force of nature, you are in the moment aware only of your next move, not thinking of tomorrow. You can't take your usual path, you must rethink things. Your perspective shifts. You are in a quiet corner.

But it needn't take a dramatic act of nature to create a quiet corner. Once you identify this state of grace, you can learn to create it on your own. All it takes is a decision and a resignation. Give up your usual practices, leave at the door of your quiet corner all expectations, and be prepared to enter a world where anything is possible.


And with a ~shift~ in perspective....anything and everything IS possible! *S* (Now those were my words again! *LOL*)

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