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On 5/14/99 5:58:20 PM, Ace328bc wrote:
>I think the point here is that
>we are fast becoming a nation
>of finger-pointers. As I have
>lamented MANY times, NOBODY
>wants to take charge if their
>political polls will be
>damaged. (My God I've turned
>into Tomdgimp!)

Gee, that must mean you actually think for yourself!!!!
Do you think that's a bad thing?
Or do you feel that maybe people SHOULDN'T take responsibility for their words and actions?
Unfortunately, the way it works is, that if the politicians go against the polls(which are SUPPOSED to gauge what the PEOPLE want), they will no longer be politicians!!! Or do you vote for someone you DON'T agree with?
As far as the bombing goes, yes it was wrong, yes it WAS a mistake, but NO, WE (the U.S.) should NOT have all the blame. Where are all the mealy-mouthed people that said this is a NATO endeavor, NOT the United States'?

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