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I know that this may sound desperate and pathetic, but I moved to Staten Island over a year ago and I am very lonely. I moved so my fiance could be closer to his job in NYC. I left all my friends and family behind. They come and visit about once a month but I am still very lonely. My fiance works long hours and goes out with his friends every Friday night and I am stuck by myself at home. I am female (if you didn't notice) 24 years old, I like to go out, but not into the club scene. I enjoy going to museums, botanical gardens, movies, and just taking a 3-4 hour drive to check out what's going on. I am mature for my age and generally relate to women in their late twenties and older. My hobbies are gardening, sewing and shopping. It would be ideal if I could meet someone in the same situation that I am in. So if your looking for a new friend, e-mail me and we'll chat. Take care.

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