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****This was edited for space and the points I am answering!!**
On 5/10/99 1:05:00 AM, rs wrote:
>1. Just because you have
>STRONG opinions doesn't make
>them any more correct. I can
>think of a lot of wrong people
>who had strong opinions. Does
>strength of opinion mean
>unwillingness to entertain
>other alternatives? Note,
>since I also have strong
>opinions, that I didn't say
>you were wrong, necessarily.
>I didn't say I thought you
>were right, either.
First if I wasn't open minded I wouldn't have asked for other's opinions, so that's an invalid statement! Second, I didn't say I WAS right-- Read the subject-- MY OPINION!!
>My question is who gave the
>man his position in the first
No one gave it too him the point I tried to make is that women can't LEGALLY serve on the front line so how do you just give them a spot to issue orders to those that can and do?
>Women have been fighting and
>dying in wars since before
>society was organized into
>anything we would recognize
>today. Along the way, men
>took over. Great.
Again I said I WASN'T against women in the Service, BUT if they are going to serve, THEY SHOULD HAVE TO DO THE SAME AS THE MEN!!!
>But does that mean women
>shouldn't have the opportunity
>to serve if they want to
Not at all, see above.
>Some of the issues
>were whether women should
>serve in combat (they already
>do, captaining USNavy warships
>and flying USAirforce
>airplanes), should they train
>alongside men (women don't do
>as well on obstacle courses
>emphasizing upper-body
>strength, etc.
This is another point already made, they DO pilot planes and ships BUT NOT IN THE FRONT LINES.
>Have you ever seen a really
>angry woman? She could fight
>off a horde of invaders
>barehanded. Sometimes I think
>that women are behind a lot of
>male aggressive activity,
>egging them on. Maybe it
>would be better to put some
>out front.
I cut out where you said about women facing men in hand to hand combat. What point were you trying to make here? I know PLENTY of women that will kick PLENTY of men's butts in a fight, besides are you saying just because you're a man, you can fight a guy twice your size in hand to hand? Or even a man half your size? I do know quite a bit about fighting, whether it's hands, weapons, or a sneak attack, and it doesn't matter what your size or strength, if you are trained correctly, you can handle yourself. Of course there is ALWAYS someone better than you though, so you always are taking a chance!!!

Any other questions?

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