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Well, this should be interesting to see how this gets answered!!! This is how I feel about this, and as we all know, I have VERY strong opinions when it comes to our Nation's military!

The Citadel Military Academy, has just graduated their FIRST female student in well over 100 years. I have no problem with females being in the service or in the various military academies of our Country, BUT should a man who wants to go to one of these academies, that is willing to fight and die for this Country lose a spot for a quota? By allowing women to attend and graduate, we are creating female Officers that are in charge of the men that CAN and DO fight for this Country. What I am saying, is that how do you put someone who's LEGALLY not able to fight in a war, in charge of the men that do? Is this a good practice? I don't think so. Because this Country is so worried about filling quotas, we may be losing future heroes or Joint Chiefs, since they couldn't get into the Academy!! Many people have plenty to say about military experience, but what experience will our first woman Joint Chief have? How can she order men into battle if she couldn't go even if she wanted to?
Before anyone says anything about President Clinton, remember, WE elect the President, the Officers and Joint Chiefs are APPOINTED!!!!

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