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Ha Ha!!! I bet you thought I forgot heh???? *LOL* That's one of the PLUSES of being an Astrologer! You get to know everyone's *Special Day *smile*....and trust me...a *Special Day it is!!!!

Glyder......I hope that your *Special Day is special in every way and may it be the beginning of an absolutely WONDERFUL year!!!!!

I also want to take this opportunity to THANK YOU most kindly for all of the wonderful E-mails and URL's you send me!!!!! {{{{HUGS}}}}

Nahhhhh.....Make that {{{{{BIRTHDAY HUGS}}}}} *LOL*

BTW kiddo...I need you to Uh Oh me on ICQ again!!! I lost everyone when I re~installed Window's 98! :-( In case you forgot... my UIN # is: 1817716

O.k.! I'm off! I could have E-mailed you IF my E-mail was up and working...but that part isn't quite up to snuff yet!!!! :-( I also kinda need your E-mail address send me something!!!! K? (I can get it I just can't send it yet! *Grrrr*)

I would have sent you an electronic card...but since I don't have your address anymore....this will have to suffice! *LOL*

Soooooo be good *LOL*...enjoy your careful blowing out those candles as at the ages we're getting to we could REALLY ~light~ up a room if we're not careful *LOL*....and if you play cards today.......

....may you get a ~Royal Flush~....or whatever it is that a GREAT HAND is supposed to be!!!*LOL* (Can you tell I don't play cards often??? *LOL*)

ByeBye for now My Friend and....

Love & Light~* To You And Yours~~~

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