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When Willie Sutton left Goodhue Field, he headed downhill towards the Kill van Kull. Coming to Henderson avenue, he traveled along it in a westerly direction staying on the shady side of the street to avoid being spotted by any 120th pct. cruisers.

Crossing Henderson to avoid St. Peter's Boy's High School, he came upon an old fence made of iron posts. Behind the fence he could see horses grazing and a stream running through a meadow. It looked like an ideal spot to hide out until he could scrape together enough money for ferry fare to get off this Devil's Island.

Sliding through a place where one of the iron spikes was loose, he made his way along a tree lined old road that seemed to be heading towards the Kill van Kull. To the left of the road he could see a row of bulrushes that grew taller and thicker downstream. Leaving the road, he followed a footpath through the reeds until he got to the stream. There he came upon a strange sight...his old cellmate, Charlton Hairsuit and a salty type wearing a white dixie cup hat and rolled up bell bottom trousers were dragging an old window screen sideways against the ebbing current.

"Hey, Willie: bear a hand here and help us get this screen up on bank!" shouted Charlton Hairsuit. Willie jumped in the creek and helped them get the screen up on the bank. What the hell were they doing? Panning for gold? Then he saw the screen was filled with minnows...salt water killies, to be exact. "Willie, I'd like you to meet my partner, BarNaCle Bill. He and I going to make enough money with our bait business to get off this rock forever...How about throwing in with us?"

The last time Willie Sutton had seen Charlton Hairsuit after their escape from Richmond County Jail was at Al Deppe's. Charlton had been captured by that ape, Jocko and the both had vanished from Deppe's penny arcade in a beam of light. Willie wasn't too keen about hooking up with Charlton Hairsuit...after his failed invasion of SI with his NRA (Nimrod's Retentive Analysts) troops, he tended to act a bit unstable while they were cellmates. And who was this swabbie?

The swabbie was none other than THE Captain BarNaCle Bill who had been found guilty of wrecking the Mary Murray. The nautical court of inquiry had given him the choice of re-enlisting as a deck ape on a can out of Kaoshung or taking early retirement at Sailor's Snug Harbor. Bill had now been at Sailor's Snug Harbor for six months and felt landlocked. Discovering Charlton Hairsuit camping down by Killie Bends on one of his evening walks, he soon realized that Charlton would make an ideal partner for his bait fish business.

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